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paradoxal jewel

enamelled white porcelaine  & gold+copper platted thread

handmade in Paris

copper pocket

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white pocket

still virgin white pocket

[ container ]

wool+alpaga hand-knitted in Paris


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maison&objet / now!

Maison&Objet  now! /  05-09 september 2014 / Hall8 – D82

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atmospheric pillowcase

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1 precious cm2

soon online

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will power

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©photos Julia Fontaine


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beatific smile – necklace

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( in a wild moment, one can have some meditative thoughts)

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Maison & Objet / January 24th-28th 2014 / Hall6 – L15

Maison & Objet / September 6th-10th 2013

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a new litterary cloth – september 2013 – texte from Alain Turgeon

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beatific smile – bracelet

diaphanous and fragile jewel
 ephemeral and transient luminescent and heady moment

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“Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Pure copper is soft and malleable […]. It is used as a conductor of heat and electricity, a building material, and a constituent of various metal alloys. [….] Naturally present in the earth’s crust, it is essential for the development of all forms of life.”

ref-def.Copper/wikipedia/novembre 2012

*Jewels, copper details,  human warmth conductors.

references: holly jewel, ESSENTIEL [ checkbook ]

manifesto/instructions for use

collector’s items

either collectibles to keep preciously intact [ little art pieces ]

or serviceable objects to use in their own right [ silkscreened tea towels and embroidered mops are washable at 60° ] enjoyed for yourself or offered as a fitting adequatly present

to wear from time to time [ precious instants ] and at all time: everyday poetry to enhance one’s days [ with care]

éponge ta dette

«éponge ta dette !!!»

brilliant sponge


silkscreened recto

silver verso(aluminium)

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la bouillotte sentimentale

sentimental hot water bottle

instructions for use:

- fill up the bottle with hot water

- wear on your heart

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mouchoirs enthousiastes

the enthusiastic handkerchiefs

100% Egyptian cotton handkerchief 30×30 cm
lifesaving and anti crisis object

the generic square of white cotton with a sad connotation (CRY/TEARS), is transformed here into a joyful and attractive handkerchief, jovial and exciting 

hem rolled by hand & embroidered handkerchief, made in Switzerland

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chéquier de temps précieux


precious time checks made to give some precious time

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essentiel [le chéquier]

[essentiel] CHECKBOOK

essentiel [ the checkbook ] to dispense the essential

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chéquier de billets doux

Love checks

each check includes a loving word to extend depending of its addressee

(1 kiss-love-caress-tenderness-hug-massage-cuddle-tickle)

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not for sale

not for sale

medal / ajustable chain bracelet

human beings are not for sale

manifesto- jewel / barrel-galvanized (ruthénium) or silver (palladium) or pale gold
handmade in Paris

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a sparkling laugh

medal in one size / chain bracelet in S M L XL

christening jewels inspiration ( chain bracelet, medal) ;

a sparkling laugh, in guise of universal religion

sacred motto, such an essential and precious life principle

to rejoice in candor, levity, innocence, and retain the soul in childhood

a anti-gloom jewel elixir

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code coquin stop


diverted traffic signs into micro chic panels to place on the body

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magic pillow

magic pillow

«est-ce que tu dors?» / are you sleeping?

phosphorescent white or fluorescent orange embroidered

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sacré bijou - chapelet

spiritual bijou

necklace of magical moments / reinvented rosary /quintessential charm

concept / posology: replacing religious beliefs by poetry and philosophy, to each one’s humanist law unto oneself

spiritual jewel adjustable to one’s own feelings  (silver bead adapting necklace length)

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faut que ça brille !!!

gold embroided mop

gold embroided mop – exist also as framed gold embroided mop (frame : wood + glass) 27×32 cm

- wedding gift
- break-up gift
- a gift to oneself / to enjoy the work!
- ………………………………………………………………………………………
(make your choice)

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miroir pedagogique

pedagogical mirror

mirror to see further than the end of one’s own nose
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pocket horizon

1 meter of horizon in front of you

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stéphanie radenac / designer d'émotions

the online shop


Find all my objects in my online shop

torchons litteraires

literary cloth / “les torchons littéraires”

{100% literary fiber}

The literary cloth is a transverse object where cuisine and literature worlds interfere. The cloth, emblematic element of the kitchen, common and everyday life use, the basic household object, rocking here in a more cerebral world, and even in a subtle and precious way; while maintening its original fonction. Because you can use a literary cloth as a classic cloth (wash 60° ok), and add a zest of spirituality at household times!

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indispensable pieces for floating horizon

in this world gorged of superfluous objects and earth-polluting artifacts, one would rather choose indispensable pieces of a discreet, positive, benevolent, useful and even educational spirit, inspirational vectors, acting as buoys in this o so vastly sweet and absurd human ocean, but also pieces leading to commitment to see further and further than the end of one’s own nose,  to feel good and to wake up

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