chéquier de temps précieux chéquier de temps précieux

chéquier de temps précieux - tout le temps chéquier de temps précieux - toute la nuit

chéquier de temps précieux - juste un instant chéquier de temps précieux - mode d'emploi

chéquier de temps précieux - restons en làprecious time checks made to give some precious time

each check includes a time word

(all night long – infiniment – as soon as possible – the time it takes – wait for me! – …

26 different messages)

bilingual object – 30 pages – 21,5×8 cm



holidays from the world

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4 therapeutic postcards

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CHÉQUIER ROMANTIQUE PARIS le chéquier pour dispenser du bonheur chaque chèque continet un mot romantique et géographique à prolonger selon son destinataire [Ne pas omettre de remplir le talon pour une gestion optimale de vos pulsions sentimentales] A BOOK OF ROMANTIC CHEKS PARIS a book of romantic checks made to dispense happiness each check includes a loving and geographical world to extend depending oh its adressee [for optimal control of your sentimental urges, don't forget to note the date and name on the stub design émotionnel fonctionnel / sublimer l'ordinaire functional & heartfelt design / everyday with a twist 100% made in France Création Stéphanie Radenac Photo © Eric Valdenaire, 2016

romantic check book – Paris

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open air ambition

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once upon a time

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emotional gift boxes

thematic gift boxes

sets of items with active substances for great ceremonies or  ‘sweeteners’

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major heartache hanky



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free entrance

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blank checks

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statement of intent – / to all remaining humane earthmen

here, creating an object means giving shape to a fantastical thought, a light outburst of laughter, a spark of wild madness,
a wish,
a secret longing written out in full,
that might echo, out of scope.
It results in
collections of unexpected objects,
delectable things with a sweetly rebellious twinge, coming in on a whiff of fresh air,
inspired attempts at breaking formats tiny steps to circumnavigate crippling banality
[ objects filled with active ingredients – highly recommended – and universally recognized of public interest / Saint Petersburg – Oslo – Stockholm – New York – Roma – Paris – Berlin – Monaco – Lausanne – Tokyo – Venice ]

to relish, offer and treat oneself to with no restraint ( no known unwanted side-effects )
although high risk of addiction

matelas - 135 x 107 cm pièce unique

restful apron

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poscards to send from nowhere [ poetic sensemove ]

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patched gold

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1 precious cm2

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“Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Pure copper is soft and malleable […]. It is used as a conductor of heat and electricity, a building material, and a constituent of various metal alloys. [….] Naturally present in the earth’s crust, it is essential for the development of all forms of life.”

ref-def.Copper/wikipedia/novembre 2012

*Jewels, copper details,  human warmth conductors.

references: holly jewel, ESSENTIEL [ checkbook ]


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essentiel [le chéquier]

[essentiel] CHECKBOOK

essentiel [ the checkbook ] to dispense the essential

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chéquier de billets doux

Love checks

each check includes a loving word to extend depending of its addressee

(1 kiss-love-caress-tenderness-hug-massage-cuddle-tickle)

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