mètre d'horizon

1 meter of horizon in front of you

limited editions of 50 numbered copies
bilingual object
made in France – available online

metre d'horizon horizon building

... pocket horizon

horizon medal

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open air ambition

Ambition d’air libre
Création Stéphanie Radenac
Photo © Eric Valdenaire, 2017

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miroir pedagogique

pedagogical mirror

mirror to see further than the end of one’s own nose
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pocket horizon

1 meter of horizon in front of you

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indispensable pieces for floating horizon

in this world gorged of superfluous objects and earth-polluting artifacts, one would rather choose indispensable pieces of a discreet, positive, benevolent, useful and even educational spirit, inspirational vectors, acting as buoys in this o so vastly sweet and absurd human ocean, but also pieces leading to commitment to see further and further than the end of one’s own nose,  to feel good and to wake up

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